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Manager of the year 2020

Manager of the year 2020

Helge Puhlmann is Manager of the Year - also 2020!

The readers of Markt&Technik have voted Helge Puhlmann, European President of YAMAICHI ELECTRONICS, "Manager of the Year 2020" in the category "Electromechanics". It is already his second victory in a row, which was decided by around 6,000 Markt&Technik readers in an online vote. Three winners in each of eight categories were chosen in the "Manager of the Year 2020" vote. As in the previous year, the vote was evaluated by the renowned IFAK Institute.

The call for votes was made in February of this year under the motto "You only recognise a good captain in stormy sea! At that time, it was not possible to foresee that this storm would develop into a hurricane called "Corona" with completely new challenges. Helge Puhlmann safely guided his crew through this unrest, which is why the election for the second time in a row as "Manager of the Year" is more than deserved.

The official award ceremony of Markt&Technik unfortunately had to be cancelled due to the current situation, but the joy about the victory was not diminished by this. An internal video awards ceremony nevertheless provided a festive setting for the award.

Helge Puhlmann:
“I would like to thank you very much for your support for the “Manager of the Year” election. One thing is clear, this award does not belong to me, but to the entire team. It is only through our strength that we are able to leave a footprint on the market that is perceived and highly valued within our industry.”