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QSFP-DD Pluggable Module Connector and Cage Assembly

400G capable high-speed connector system for Data Networking market

YAMAICHI ELECTRONICS has expanded its high-speed connector product portfolio with a new small form factor connector for 400 Gigabit data networking applications and cage assembly mechanical parts.

QSFP-DD is one of the new small form factors. It was standardised by QSFP-DD MSA. YAMAICHI ELECTRONICS is one of the active MSA members. QSFP-DD is similar to the current QSFP, but there are additional contact rows inside the structure design to realise double density by 8 channels for electrical signal transmission. Our mechanical design is QSFP-DD MSA compliant. It is also backwards compatible to the current QSFP.

Features and advantages
YAMAICHI ELECTRONICS has a lot of experience in the design of high-speed connectors. The design structure and electrical performance of the new QSFP-DD connector benefits from this know-how and expertise. The connector is designed for 200G and 400G technologies and to support 28 Gbps per channel NRZ, and 56 Gbps per channel PAM4 modulation. Moreover the signal integrity takes into consideration 112Gbps per channel PAM4 modulation. This outstanding electrical performance is unique on the market so far.

Different mechanical versions available
YAMAICHI ELECTRONICS is proud to provide the suitable product for the next generation of data networking market applications. The single-type connector together with the mechanical assembly kit were released into the market. The series will be expanded to the multiport-type connector soon.

YAMAICHI ELECTRONICS also offers customised heatsink solutions. In addition it is planned to provide the stacked QSFP-DD later during 2019. Thus YAMAICHI ELECTRONICS provides the complete QSFP-DD product series to support the customers´ requirements for their applications.


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