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Tight is Right: The M12 Push-Pull Connector Y-Circ M from Yamaichi Electronics

Switch safely between Push-Pull and screw locking without compromising on tightness: The M12 Push-Pull with internal locking from Yamaichi relies on a double, independent sealing system for maximum reliability.

Independent sealing concepts for screw and push-pull connector systems

The Y-Circ M system according to IEC 61076-2-012 is IP65 / IP67 waterproof and dustproof and uses independent sealing concepts for screw and push-pull connectors, as both the socket and the mating connector are equipped with their own standard O-rings to ensure effective sealing. When the push-pull socket is connected to an M12 screw connector, the sealing is achieved via an O-ring at the bottom of the socket, which is activated by a precise torque. However, if the M12 push-pull is used as a cable connector, it has its own O-ring that seals the socket collar and thus prevents the infiltration of any media at an early stage.

Another advantage is the use of standard O-rings, which, unlike form sealings, are available worldwide and without tooling costs. Automatic assembly when integrating the insulators into customer housings is also still possible when using standard O-rings.

Flexible switch between push-pull and screw locking

An outstanding feature of the Y-Circ M is the ability to switch flexibly between push-pull and screw locking without compromising on tightness, as the sealings are not worn out by the other system during mixed mating cycles but retain their full sealing effect in each case.

This enables flexible switching between the locking types for up to 100 specified mating cycles guaranteed by the manufacturer while maintaining full sealing performance. This flexibility is particularly advantageous in applications where different locking systems are used without compromising on? the reliability of the connection.

Thanks to this future-oriented device design, the manufacturer can also make their device "Push-Pull-ready" and still use the classic screw locking system if required.

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