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More Single Pair Ethernet

Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) is a future-oriented technology for the communication of electrical or electronic components and machines. In industrial applications, it is the key to efficient and cost-effective data transmission from the sensor to the cloud.

Depending on the data rate, transmission lengths of up to 1,000 m are possible for the first time. Due to the large range and the uniform communication level, single pair Ethernet is therefore generally regarded as the key in the transition to IIoT and Industry 4.0. The advantages are clear: The use of only two contacts instead of four or eight as previously reduces costs, saves space, weight and time during assembly. And the reduced number of wires also minimises errors that can potentially occur during assembly.

Due to constantly increasing requirements for data transmission in automobiles, single pair Ethernet found its origin in the automotive industry and is already being used successfully there. In contrast to the industry, which follows the IEC 63171 standard regarding connectors, there is no standardisation here.  However, it is certain that Single Pair Ethernet will open up more and more areas of application in the future due to its properties and will become more widespread in its use


With the Y-HDE series, Yamaichi Electronics offers differential high-speed connectors that provide high-speed data transmission for the automotive sector in the smallest installation space.

With transmission rates up to 20Gbps at 100 Ohm differential impedance and tested based on LV214/USCAR, the Y-HDE is convincing in many high-speed applications.

  • High-speed data ethernet developed and tested for automotive requirements
  • Data transmission up to 15 Ghz / 20 Gbps
  • 100 Ohm differential impedance
  • 7 different codings available
  • Coding by color and mechanical
  • Space and weight saving design
  • Single and quad type available

For the industrial sector, Yamaichi Electronics offers you the possibility to choose between the IEC 63171-2 or 63-171-6 mating faces and to benefit from the advantages of the new technology.
Thus, you as the customer decide what best suits your application. According to the standard, transmission lengths of up to 1,000m and transmission rates of up to 10GB/s can be realised. There is also the option of additional power transmission of up to 60W via Power over Data Line (PoDL).

Furthermore, Yamaichi has already proposed initial solutions for hybrid connectors in accordance with IEC CD-V 63171-7 (based on M12). Integration of the M12 push-pull locking according to IEC61076-2-012 is possible here. The main advantage is that both push-pull and M12 screw connectors can be used on the cable side for connection to the socket.

Y-Circ P High-Speed Connector for Single Pair

Yamaichi offers many high-speed connectors in general, but also for the Y-Circ P product group. In our in-house laboratory we can develop and simulate pin layouts for high-speed applications. Just as we have successfully realised for Cat6A, Cat6A+Power, USB, etc. The S1 pin layout enables the transmission of Single Pair Ethernet up to 10Gbit/s acc. IEC 802.3ch and also of automotive Ethernet signals according to Open Alliance Standard TC9.

The combination of reliable Push-Pull mechanism in small Size 09 connectors and innovative, patent-pending insulator and contact design offers highest data rates for special test and measurement applications with at least 5,000 mating cycles.