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Of course we offer apprenticeships – Are you fresh out of school and want to start an education with a perspective for the future in a dynamic, internationally oriented company?
Start your career at Yamaichi!

Young, talented people are our future. In addition to our social responsibility, we also see the opportunity to gain valuable employees. That's why we have defined the following principles:

  • As an apprentice, you are a full member of our company, and we will give you both trust and responsibility.
  • We have made it our job to prepare you for your future career as well as we can.
  • For us, an apprentice is a valuable employee who we want to continue to employ even after training, if possible.
  • Regular shared meetings support integration and friendship


Yamaichi Electronic provides training in the following careers:


Salespeople in wholesale and foreign trade organise the exchange of goods and services with exporters and importers. They watch the national and international procurement markets, find sources and build relationships with suppliers and customers.

In the sale and resale of goods in international trade, they use foreign trade and customs regulations as well as international trade agreements. They carry out calculations in foreign currency and handle document transactions to hedge payment risks. Their duties also include performing cost accounting, handling returns and claims and organising marketing campaigns. Trained salespeople in wholesale and foreign trade have the opportunity to visit further specialised schools to obtain higher business qualifications, such as technical sales, technical management or business management.


Warehouse logistics technicians work in companies that carry out warehouse management.

As a warehouse logistics technician, you are responsible for the entire process of shipping and receiving of goods. You are responsible for ensuring that the customer receives goods properly packaged with the required papers at the right place and the right time.

You receive goods of all kinds and check their delivery documentation to ensure their quantity and suitability. You organise the unloading of goods, sort them and store them properly in the places already planned in advance. During this process, you ensure that goods are stored under optimum conditions. During goods issuing, you plan delivery routes and determine the most favourable type of shipping.

You assemble deliveries, package the goods and prepare accompanying documentation such as delivery notes and customs declarations. You also load lorries, containers or rail wagons, operate forklifts and secure freight against slipping or falling. Warehouse logistics technicians also optimise the internal flow of information and materials from procurement to use. They source goods, prepare offer comparisons, order materials and request their payment.

Process technicians work in companies in the plastic and rubber processing industry. The chemical industry also offers employment opportunities, for example manufacturers of primary plastics.

Process technicians for plastic and rubber technology in the area of formed parts use polymer materials to manufacture shaped workpieces and finished parts according to specifications.

A variety of processing techniques are used to do this, in order to process semifinished goods or components into finished parts. You will also learn joining and processing techniques to fabricate components. Then there is the maintenance or commissioning of tools, machines and equipment as well as the inspection and monitoring of control systems.


Mechatronics technicians primarily work in companies doing machine and system manufacture, the automobile industry, in aerospace, at manufacturers of industrial process control systems or of electrical systems and components, as well as at companies in the information, communication and medical technology industries.

They use mechanical, electrical and electronic components to build complex mechatronic systems such as robots for industrial production. They manufacture the individual components and assemble them into systems and installations. They commission the finished systems, program them or install appropriate software.

Mechatronics technicians use circuit diagrams and construction drawings to inspect systems thoroughly before handing them over to their customers. They also maintain and repair mechatronic systems.




Industrial technicians work in different industries, such as: In machine and vehicle manufacturing, in the electrical industry, in the textile industry, and in the wood and paper processing industries.

Industrial technicians ensure that machines and processing facilities are ready to operate. They manufacture machine parts, equipment components and assemblies and mount them into machines and technical systems. They then set them up, commission them and test their functions. Their duties also include the maintenance and repair of systems and facilities. They determine the cause of faults, order appropriate replacement parts or make them themselves and carry out repairs. After the completion of assembly and testing, they train colleagues or customers in the operation and handling of systems.

If they work in the fabrication of machines and precision equipment, industrial technicians primarily fabricate components of metal and plastic. They turn, mill, drill and grind the material, weld or screw together components and mount and adjust them.



Job shadowing, or the way to the right job training:

Are you not quite sure what you want to do? What does a mechatronics technician really do? Would a job as a warehouse logistics technician be something for me? To help you with your decision, we also offer the option of a test internship. If you're interested in an internship to get your first experience of the working world and to take a look at a career field you're thinking about, then get in touch with us. Our training team will be happy to help you out.

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Pupils visit the Frankfurt Oder production site of Yamaichi Electronics

As part of the project "Professional Orientation in the Border Region" pupils of polish and german schools got the possiblity to learn to know career possibilites at the production site of Yamaichi Electronics at Frankfurt Oder.

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