M12 Connector with Push-Pull Inner Locking Mechanism


The new overmolded M12 connector with Push-Pull inner locking mechanism enables the quick and safe plugging and unlocking. The haptical and acoustic feedback of the connector system increases the locking safety. The advantage of saving time is obvious when plugging or unlocking in areas which are difficult to reach or not visible.

In addition, the new system only requires the same space as the common M12 connectors with screw locking.

Due to their 100% backward compatibility the Push-Pull jacks with inner locking can be mounted inside the device housing and allow the quick and easy connection with Push-Pull connectors as well as conventional screw connectors.  Insulators and contacts comply with the IEC standard IEC 61076-2-101 / 109.

Pre-assembled Y-Circ M12 cables in the desired length offer a comfortable, ready-made connection for the transmission of signals, data or power in industrial applications. Standardised codings provide vendor-independent compatibility. We also gladly offer customised cable assemblies manufactured in our production facility in Germany.



  • Blind plugging

  • Easy handling without tools

  • Locking safety through a haptic and acoustic signal

  • Time savings

  • 100% backward compatibility

  • Meets the M12 specifications



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Y-Circ M Push-Pull

M12 Connector for Field Assembly

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