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Y-ETI Test Fixture
  • Cost Effective, robust and full scalable
  • User friendly handling and maintenance
  • Cassette and Test Application Board (TAB)
Y-ETI Cassette
  • Integrated handles
  • Weight optimized
  • 6 Slots for Pylons Interface Block
Y-ETI Test Application Board (TAB)
  • High speed testing
  • Fine-pitch test points contacting
  • Impedance and/or runtime testing possible
Y-ETI Top / Pushing Plate
  • Standard top plate in scope of delivery
  • ESD compliant materials
  • Transparent for better visualizing during testing
Board Level Testing (BLT)
  • Fully customized for high volume automotive testing
  • Scalable test systems
  • Stand-alone or integrable
Flashing System
  • Flexible in module size
  • High through-put
  • Stand-alone or integrable
Run-In / Burn-In Test Fixtures
  • Space saving designs
  • Reliable contacts
  • Suitable for Burn-In / Run-In Systems
System Level Test (SLT)
  • Fully customized system level testing
  • Integrable for in-line testing
  • High reliablity and stable testing
Computer on Module Test Adapter
  • Ready for high Volume Test
  • Reduced costs per tested module
  • Testing common standards Qseven, SMARC, ComExpress, (SO)DIMM
YED900 FPC/FFC Test Socket
  • Reliable FPC/FFC testing
  • Integrated flex foil and pin protection
  • Any shape of flex foil testable