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Push-Pull Circular Connector Y-Circ P


Do you produce the connector yourselves?

Yes, We’re producing the complete connector in Germany. Only plating has been outsourced to other companies located in Germany. This is important because it is the only way we can achieve short delivery times with the highest flexibility and quality at the same time.

Do you offer cables for Y-Circ P cable assemblies?

Yes, we’re working with different cable suppliers together. Customized cable types are available on request and handled within the cable assembly project.

Is each plug and socket available with both contacts, male and female?

All plugs and sockets can be used with male and female contacts/insulators. This is independent from the coding. The S-Series contains stepped insulators with male and female contacts.

Is a mix of different contact diameters possible?

A mixture of contact diameters is possible. Since we produce our insulators ourselves, we can generate new customized pin layouts very fast and cost efficient – also for small quantities.

Do you offer datasheets,  drawings and 3D data for the connectors?

Yes, please use our online configurator to generate datasheets and download 3D STEP Files.

There is also the possibility to start inquiries directly to our sales.


Stephan Streit

Stephan Streit
Business Development Circular Connectors Push-Pull (Y-Circ P Series)